Video: A Reporter Asked Doug Ford About Caryma’s Arrest And The Man Is The Dumbest Compulsive Liar In Canada

May 28, 2022

Doug Ford is a compulsive liar. And when he can’t lie, he says a bunch of dumb words that make him look like a dumb liar. Now you know where his dumb daughters get it.

This was his response to Global reporter Sean O’Shea asking him why Doug had Caryma arrested for trespassing at his staged rally in Hamilton when she was invited and registered by Doug Ford himself.

His reply? Incoherent word salad about the police and the staged rally being the best staged rally Hamilton has ever seen.

What a lying dumb fuck. Sincerely.

Fred Bennick is the Hamilton Police Services Board VP and PC candidate for Fordsie in Hamilton. He hates gay people, loves Jesus and Doug Ford, and does whatever Doug asks.

That’s how and why Doug had permission to arrest Caryma with force. That’s why Doug is talking about Hamilton Police in glowing terms. Fred did Doug a favor by charging a woman of color who does political cartoons about Doug’s incompetence. Doug paints a glowing picture of Hamilton police for Fred and his members who hurt a woman of color for political reasons.

Oh. And Hamilton police lied their safari shorts off in a tweet and press release about Caryma. They said she was a protestor blocking the entrance to the facility. That’s an absolute lie. I know. It’s hard to believe the Hamilton Police Service would lie about being Doug Ford’s SS for the night, but it’s true.

Here’s the tweet. Check out the ratio.

Check out the totally false account of what they said Caryma did:

A) Caryma was arrested by five officers, thrown in the back of a cruiser, then dropped off down the street from the property.

B) CAryma was not protesting AT ALL. She came to the event she was invited to and was arrested because (according to Doug’s security, they knew who Caryma was, they knew Caryma was on Twitter, and she was not welcome there.

Here’s the video.

C) As Caryma asked who ordered her trespass and why she was being turned away, she was arrested immediately by Hamilton Police. 5 of them. Who perp-walked her to a cruiser.

How are the police allowed to arrest someone willy-nilly? Simple.

Doug holds all his staged rallies (and they are ALL staged) on private property. That gives him the ability to treat anyone he doesn’t like as trespassing.

Doug and his OPP detail make property managers (union guys) sign this piece of paper giving OPP and HPS permission to treat ANYONE Doug doesn’t like as a protestor. Legally.

That means Doug militarizes OPP officers and local law enforcement to act as personal bag men, physically assaulting people he doesn’t like. You know – real political oppression.

Fred Bennick helped Doug with that. Fred got help from the good men and women at HPS by abusing the power of his position because he wanted a free government job, and Doug would mint him for that help.

This is how Ontario’s police state works. As premier, Doug is in charge of the OPP, so their help in kettling Doug’s political opponents is in the fucking bag.

Doug also gets to appoint people to police service boards across this province which is how he was able to get Ottawa Police to ‘Stand Down’ during the Ottawa Convoy (a greasy little number no one talks about.)

Doug didn’t answer Sean’s question because the answer is, “Because I fucking hate Caryma Sa’d.” Not a great response to a question about political violence and oppression you commit, Dougie?

I’m a massive booster of our men and women in uniform. I always have been, so this makes me sad. Sad to know I probably can’t support anyone wearing an HPS or OPP crest. Sorry, I don’t trust law enforcement in this province because of their boss’s intentions, weaponizing those charged to serve and protect.

I have many friends at YRP, and they are good men and women. I trust those I have relationships with but not the intuitions they serve. Law enforcement in Ontario has taken on their boss’s intentions, who is mobbed to the tits.

Doug intends to hang on to power for his executive relationships, and he doesn’t care how many women of color he has to force Ontario law enforcement to hurt to keep it.


PS: Not sure if I mentioned that these rallies are all staged. They are.  Staged. Totally staged—big old lie.




Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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