Video: Aaron Rodgers Rips The NFL’s Covid Response/Policies On Joe Rogan

Aug 30, 2022

Once I saw that Aaron Rodgers was going on the Joe Rogan Experience, I was excited. We were going to have content for days. Full disclosure I am not a religious Joe Rogan listener; however, I do like Aaron Rodgers, so I decided to do my homework and listen to the full interview over the past two days.

Of course, they discussed the NFL’s handling of Covid and Rogers’ immunized controversy.

This clip is just 15 minutes of an entire three-hour conversation with Aaron Rodgers, But even as just 1/12th of the whole interview, it’s a pretty good representation of Rodgers’ opinion of the NFL’s handling of Covid over the last couple of years. Here are a few more brief clips.

Purposely misleading the media about his vaccine status

Two classes of players in the NFL

Rodgers on the NFL stooge they sent to teams to scare them into getting the jab.

Discussing COVID lies from experts.

I can understand the NFL going overboard. They’re a BIG business, and that business was being threatened. The NFL managed to have an entire season during a raging pandemic. So if they overreacted, it was to save face during a time when contracting Covid was seen as a moral failure.

Rodgers also discussed how the NFL loves pushing painkillers and how he has played a few times on Percocet for pain management.

They also touched on the woke mob.

Small business.

Being conditioned not to think for yourself

Take what you want from this interview. I know it is a massive trigger for some. Exhibit A.

Put all the Covid BS aside. Shedding light on the NFL’s painkiller problem was super enjoyable; both of their thoughts on how psychedelic drugs are a way to deflate your ego and see the world as more connected were cool. Not to mention the identity politics discussion where Joe called Donald Trump the leader of the idiots. This is hilarious because most people think Joe is a huge Trumper. However, unpopular opinion alert I didn’t hate the interview.

I tried my best to summarize this interview, so you didn’t have to sit through a 3-hour podcast. I hope it helped.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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