Video: Add Making A Trip To The Bills Helmet Bar To Your Bucketlist

Oct 17, 2022

The Buffalo Bills beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a spirited game Sunday night. However, for a group of die-hard Bills fans, it’s as much about good food, good company, and unwavering support for their favourite team as it is about the game.

Tucked the way on a quaint little street in Keswick, Ontario, you’ll find an ordinary-looking house with an extraordinary backyard. However, the unique ambiance didn’t compare to the family-like atmosphere.

Every Sunday, football fans from the GTA make the trip to Keswick. They have a drink, eat, and watch the Bills game. The bar’s in-house chef prepares the food, and the menu is based on the team the Bills are playing. This Sunday, the partygoers were treated to Kansas City ribs, sweet potatoes, mac n cheese, and potato wedges.

When you round the corner and catch your first glimpse of the giant Buffalo Bills helmet, you’re immediately welcomed and embraced by the owners and guests. A group of people from different cultures, age groups, and political backgrounds who untie to share in their mutual love of football.

You might think that this spectacular bar is dedicated only to Bills Mafia; however, fans from every team are welcome. The only rules people have to follow are; respecting one another and having fun.

Everybody gets together and poses for a picture at halftime, and the night ends when everybody is done having a good time. Rick, Michelle, and Blake have created a wondrous environment that is a privilege to experience.

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