Video: Almost Every Divisive, Hate Filled Narrative In Canada Comes From Russia’s GRU And Here’s Why

Mar 6, 2022

The pro-war, pro-Putin bullshit trending across Canada isn’t real.   Neither is the Christian fascist movement in Canada.

Need proof?  This is the FluTruxKlan rally in Ottawa minus the help of Russian bots/troll farms.  They were busy tweeting about ‘de-Nazifying’ Ukraine’s drug dealing pedo gov’t (A lie).


Have you wondered why so many “Canadians” espouse so much hatred for the greater good on social media?  Are you curious how it’s possible for someone living in Canada to hate the incredible freedom and privilege of living here?  Have you shaken your head at friends who say vaccines and masks are ‘tyrannical’?   As it turns out, 90% of those ‘Canadians’ are paid cyber Russian cyber soldiers.

Enter the Russian GRU’s cyber warfare unit, the Internet Research Agency.

Let’s frame it in layman’s terms:

Since 2007, Russian intelligence has been building an entire division of shit-birds paid to create memes, lies, and divisive fascist bullshit, co-opting the far-right’s “useful idiots” as a foreign army of degenerates who’ll fight for ANY divisive cause.  Russian intelligence doesn’t just fan the flames of negative rhetorical discourse, they create these opportunities to distract and sow doubt in our democratic processes.  The ‘Freedom’ Convoy wasn’t organized by Canadians.  Russia did that.  They are doing it in every NATO nation, and Canada was ground zero for Russia because of Canada’s humanitarian track record and reputation on the world stage.

What’s the end-game for Canadian Outlets Spewing this garbage? $$$

The goal?  To shit all over democracy by empowering dumb alt-right white supremacists and religious extremists who believe in the same values Putin and Russia are co-opting.  It’s a smokescreen of hate from dummy accounts paid to spread lies and damage the reputations of people who speak truth to power.  Mark Slapinski from defunct troll site Toronto 99 was one of them until we ruined his life on purpose.

Mark is a paid Russian asset.

The account is one of the dozens he operates from inside Canada, btw.

Mark is going through some things including having his bank account frozen, being sued by the CEO of Pfizer and he’s a person of interest to certain law enforcement agencies.  I felt it was my civic duty to crush him.

Russians also provide far-right memes.  It’s about PR.

This article is from Radio Free Europe. Keep in mind, Russia’s Internet Research Agency is staffed by thousands of trolls and Russia has dozens of these ‘farms’ set up around the world.  From Africa to Moscow to India.

RFE:The money wasn’t bad, but the work was demanding: posting up to 120 comments a day, over an 11-hour shift — in chat rooms, on websites, and in social-media profiles belonging to specific Russian-language news outlets such as the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta and RFE/RL’s Russian Service.

“There were people who really flew at [the work] with enthusiasm, and then some who came to work just realizing that all they were doing was nonsense,” Sergei K., a former employee of a Russian company that became known as the “Russian troll factory,” told RFE/RL in an interview.

Such was life at the St. Petersburg firm whose registered name used to be the Internet Research Agency and which earned its moniker by pumping out conspiracy theories, half-truths, trolling social-media posts, and other misinformation.

Owned by a St. Petersburg businessman named Yevgeny Prigozhin, the operation gained international infamy when it was specifically identified in the 2017 U.S. intelligence report on Russian efforts to interfere in the previous year’s presidential election.

“Masquerading as Americans, these operatives used targeted advertisements, intentionally falsified news articles, self-generated content, and social-media platform tools to interact with and attempt to deceive tens of millions of social-media users in the United States,” a follow-up report by the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said.

U.S. Cyber Command, one of the U.S. government’s main cyberagencies, claimed it knocked the “troll factory” off-line during the 2018 U.S. congressional elections.

He said most people were paid around 40,000 rubles a month ($524); he made 45,000; others who worked longer and harder got paid more. The expectation, he said, was he would make about 120 comments during his shift.

The “factory” had many different departments, each comprising around 15 people and each dealing with a different external Internet or social-media company. One dealt with YouTube, he said, another with Facebook, and another with the Russian social network VK, which is widely used there. His team’s focus was comments on posts made by media outlets including RFE/RL.

One department was responsible for compiling databases with biographies of people deemed to be political enemies and then making a list of targets, he said: “There’s a list of media outlets that, pardon the expression, need to be shit upon — Radio Svoboda (RFE/RL’s Russian Service) and Novaya Gazeta are at the top.”

Another department created memes, including pornographic ones. These were sent around via messages and the trolls would then publish them in various places, Sergei said.

“At first, when I got there, I didn’t quite believe that it was real at all. I had a kind of culture shock. Orwell described how it works. I thought it was a dystopia, but in fact this is how it works,” he told RFE/RL.

In his department, Sergei said, they coordinated work via Telеgram and decided where to direct their efforts.

“You don’t just sit around gathering dust there; you bang on the keys, the same nonsense for 11 hours,” he said.

He said he and his colleagues would set up fake accounts — for example, on VK — and use a huge stack of cell-phone SIM cards in order to authenticate your account when you first set it up.

People would create fake names and steal photographs from other social-media accounts on social networks such as Odnoklassniki, another popular Russian site. Sometimes, the photographs were taken from people who had died, he said.

Then, they would edit the photographs slightly — make them black-and-white, or flip them 180 degrees — so as to throw off search engines, he said.

In all, he probably worked with more than 100 fake accounts, Sergei said. The fake accounts were used strategically: Having a teenage girl commenting on a nuclear arms treaty would look suspicious, he said.

The psychology behind what Putin’s been able to accomplish is fascinating.  He knew he could create doubt and fear by flooding countries with support for hate-filled ideologies.  Hateful ideologies shared by disenfranchised religious extremists, dumb libertarians, and Christian fascists.

How do they do it?

It’s simple.  The GRU had tens of thousands of internet-savvy assholes pretending to be Canadian “patriots” who were occupying Ottawa for personal freedom.  They work closely with far-right groups in the States who support a strategic hate narrative to generate revenue and interest in the activity of a common narrative that doesn’t really exist.  It’s theater meant to a) hurt democracies around the world and b) create sympathy for a lie in the name of Jesus and Freedom and the Russian empire (Putin) Basically, Russian disinformation has given hate in Canada ‘stilts’.

Keywords, Talking points and Repetition = Shitbird Community Building

Evangelicals love him and support the murder of innocent Ukrainians because he’s using the Qanon “pedophile, Nazi” narrative.

Right-wing hate groups in Canada love him and willingly use that disinformation because he gives them room to breathe under the bullshit guise of a fake movement. That’s why Conservatives like Candice Bergan love him too. Putin created ‘useful idiots’ who’d blow Satan if it meant they got to be someone to a group of people for more than 5 minutes in the name of ‘freedom’.  Fuck, those losers would shoot their own mother for a case of OV, so they don’t care where the support for their hate comes from.

Religion Thrives on Hate and Division. So does Politics

There’s nothing more important to a Christo-Fascist than religious conversion and the freedom to practice their hate is being threatened by the ‘woke’ mob so this is a fight to the death and Putin is their sugar daddy.  These are the same selfish pricks who refused their obligation to society during the pandemic and they hate this world and the nonbelievers who run it.  Putin knew that and embraced it by creating a federal task forced charged with using that hate to build an army of assholes capable of fighting a different kind of war on his behalf.

Racists love him. Evangelical extremists love him. MAGA loves him.

Why is it so effective?

Putin’s disinformation doesn’t just foster hate, it’s designed to prevent others from participating in factual conversations through the toxic fear they create by the sheer quantity of online hate they push on a daily basis.

Pro Tip: Polish up your ‘block’ game.  The most effective way to fight disinformation is to relegate EVERY bad faith dick wallet to the echo chamber.  Muting keeps the door open.  Blocking is where it’s at.  I’m not a huge ‘reporter’ of accounts but by block game is TIGHT. Twitter isn’t coming up with a geo filter or new account filter any time soon, so here’s what you can do to keep your head straight and fight these shitbirds.

Four Simple Guidelines
  1. Blockity, Bockity, block. New account with “Fuck Trudeau” in the bio? Block. Stupid whataboutisms and false equivalence? Block. Anything pro-Trump? Blockski. True North, anything? Block. Post Millenial?  Block.  White privilege loves Putin too.(They get indirect funding from RU/hate groups). Right-Wing Neo-con ‘news’? FirstNameBunchaNumbers? BLOCKORAMA.
  2. Report that shit.  It’s not soft to protect your timeline. It’s the right thing to do.
  3. Be smarter and funnier than them.  Listen, it takes a bully to fight a bully and Dean 1.0 could be a HUGE asshole.  I know how to funnel that inner asshole in the general direction of hate-filled wieners to dumb to realize they are on ‘team white privilege.’ RARELY will I amplify it with an RT. If you don’t want to add to the follower counts of Russian cyber soldiers, screenshot the posts and show their work, and call it what it is. Christo-Fascist bullshit.  Or ignore it. They hate that too.
  4. Don’t be scared.  I have 1300 death threats in my inbox. Three weeks ago, an email was sent to Toronto City hall by ‘someone’ pretending to be me threatening to kill politicians from an email exchange in France. I know who did it and why, but I’m not scared because none of this is real. No one is coming to get you. No one is coming to your house and no one really believes any of that shit. Russia pays losers $500 a month to scare Canadians and it’s all BS.
The patterns are easy to spot

Just like the Russian Army itself, and the Toronto Sun, it’s all an act.  A mirage created to make normal people think hate is just an alternative opinion.  It’s not. It’s a lie that people like Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale gave up their lives and reputations for .

Putin is a huge pussy, too.  When Russians and Ukrainians began posting Russian war crimes, he shut down FB, Twitter and brought in 15-year jail sentences for anyone who spoke out against Putin or the invasion of Ukraine.  If he can’t control the information narratives, he shuts it all down like the coward he is.





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