VIDEO: Amish Steve’s Prediction Is In! He Might Not Be Able To Spell But Godammit, Can He Predict A Leaf Game.

Nov 26, 2018

It’s Dean…Now listen, we don’t claim to be dictionary hawks so don’t take this the wrong way Steve but this is nerves, or he’s 100 percent perfect for this job. I corrected ten mistakes but left a couple that makes the self-confidence of Stevie something to behold


Well ladies and gents it appears the #PredictionSzn train is rolling in full force so thanks for all the support.  Now that we have all the feel-good stuff out of the way let’s get down to the brass taxes of it all, shall we?  The Bruins are riding a two-game victory high and the Leafs just got a GM fired with a 6-0 victory over the Flyers so here is how I see it playing out :

This game is a trap game by all accounts but Babs and the players know this,  they are running their backup goalie and are without one of the best defensive centers in the league not to mention the giraffe is known as Mr. Chara.

Falling into a falls sense of security for an easy victory will not happen tonight the Leafs are watching teams climb the Atlantic ladder and they intend to not only keep pace but distance themselves with key victories like tonight.

(I’m not sure what this last part means but I’m all “Team Amish Steve” so who gives a shit really, right?)

Let’s see how many “Amish Steve” can whip out tonight cause around here if you remove the B all you have is what the Bruins will left as and that’s in ruins.


Now if Amish Steve whips it out a few times during this game, I’ll be posting the shit out of that.  You can bank on it.)  Watch him be within a goal or absolutely dead center tonight.  It’s freaky.

***Update.  Steve just blamed his wife for all it.  Classic Amish Steve.




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