Video: Angry King Charles III VS A Fountain Pen. You’re Welcome.

Sep 14, 2022

Now, THIS is King Charles I was expecting.

Cold, angry about pointless, stupid shit.

I love it.

Charles cares for his darling wife, watching him hand off the leaky shit pen to her while he wipes his hands and turns away. Like he dumped it on her. The best.

King Charles has a MAJOR issue with fountain pens.

The same pen that made Charles angry two days ago.

Not once…

…but twice.

You want a cool, calm, collected, stoic King to take the reigns after burying the longest-serving rock of a Monarch in England’s history.

Someone who holds up under pressure and takes demeanor seriously. A guy who doesn’t wilt when things don’t go their way.

If Charles were just a regular Dad, he’d be the guy all Harry and William’s friends made fun of behind his back. The Dad who breaks up social events just by showing up. The kind of Dad who’d hide behind his kids in a supermarket shooting. No wonder Harry thinks he’s a tool.

You know that kind of Dad.

If pens and desks make him crazy, wait till his sex tape surfaces.

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God Save The (Petty) King! I can’t wait.


Dean Blundell

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