Video: Auston Matthews Had Quite The Return *FULL UPDATE

Nov 29, 2018

But look at the pass from Marner.  Completely freezes the tender and Tavares works his way into scoring position.  Jesus that’s beautiful.

How hard would it have been for Matthews to not pull the trigger for the extra pass?  So mature.  Like Bea Arthur mature…And then he does this.  Big CHEEESY.

bea arthur omg GIF

And then Marner slides a nifty job cross-crease to Tavares to make it 3-1 after the first.

ANNNNNNNDDD it’s over.  Leafs win 5-3 and Matthews was OK.  A couple of goals including a tip from Johnsson that looked like a flukey goal but it wasn’t because he’s him.

Sickness.  Rumor Nylander and the Leafs are sitting on a 1 year bridge deal to play out the season according to Friedge.

Who Knows and who cares.  18-8, second in the Atlantic to…..BUFFALO?  Yessir.  Jeff Skinner has dry humped that franchise to life and they are the best team in the NHL.   Hilarious.


Dean Blundell

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