Video: Bell Media’s Terrible Month Just Went International!

Aug 30, 2022

Maybe this is why Bell put out a “help-wanted” ad for a new PR person.


Suddenly, Bell needs a new person to spin their mistreatment of human beings now that former Bell employees aren’t scared of retribution. Lisa Laflamme is like a shield for other former employees who Bell treated like shit who are coming forward in droves to tell their stories.

It’s been a fucking blast to watch.

Good news: In Bell’s “Media Relations” job ad, Bell now says they are interested in “Professional Growth” and “Employee Wellness.”

What a dick punch for Bell execs. The story won’t go away, and the tax from years of mistreatment of their employees is due.

Maybe Lisa was a pain in the ass to work with. Perhaps she wasn’t. None of that matters anymore. What matters is the cover she’s provided for hundreds of former and current Bell employees to speak truth to powers, finding closure.

It’s SO BAD at Bell that current Bell Journalists hired big-time lawyer, Paul Champ, to send a letter to Bell execs about Lisa’s firing and how shitty the environment at Bell Media is, demanding change.

Bell Media president Wade Oosterman returned with a letter warning Paul/s clients, denying their concerns.

Nothing like learning from your experiences, hey Wade?

There’s a natural beginning and end to everything, including Bell. We’re seeing one of Canada’s worst employers get canceled for good reasons.

They treated human beings like shit, which is systemic in traditional media and broadcasting. Lisa Lflamme’s firing hasn’t just rallied those abused by Bell. It’s starting a watershed moment. Bell can’t send lawyers and fixers to fix it.

That’s what happens when your words and works don’t match. Good people come together, compare notes and take action against institutional abuse.

There isn’t also Bell can do other than drink more.




Dean Blundell

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