Video – ‘Big Dick Rick’ Rickie Fowler Is Having A Special Week In Phoenix And Loving Every Minute Of It

Shug McSween Feb 3, 2019|

Name a better nickname, I’ll wait.

It all started 2 years ago for Rickie Fowler in Phoenix as he made his way to the first tee. Like any other tourney he heard the crowd chanting this and that, he saw the people holding up swag to be signed, but he also noticed a chant he hadn’t heard before.

The legend was born and the fans created a monster, ‘Big Dick Rick’ was here to stay. And what does Rickie think about all this, he was asked yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona if he’s been hearing the chants.

What a legend. Rickie Fowler is going to win this week and he may blow out the field if he can stay hot on Sunday. It’s fitting because this week is a tribute to Jarrod Lyle, Rickie’s good friend who passed away too soon.

Big Dick Rick for the win!

Shug McSween

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