Video: Brad Marchand Went Full Brad Marchand Last Night And It Was Glorious

May 1, 2019

Courtesy of our friends @Leafshub.

I dunno if Marchand is getting suspended but it’s a great sign for Columbus when Marchand starts doing his greezy ‘thing’.

Brad usually acts like this when his team is down or things aren’t going Brad’s way.  He managed to go through a 7-game series with Toronto without doing Marchand things so I guess it was a matter of time before he snapped.  Tigers can’t change their stripes anymore than Marchand can’t stop doing stupid shit.  I used to hate his act but he’s turning me around. Brad’s a beauty and a throwback, plus, I could care less who wins this series so it’s easy for me to enjoy Brad’s donkey punch game.

Almost as much as him breaking Cam Atkinson’s stick with his skate prior to the face-off in game 1.

Brad’s mom would be furious but he doesn’t play midget ‘AAA’ for the Subways anymore.  If I were Mr. or Mrs. Marchand I’d be sending him a text after the game commending him on Brad’s desire to win at any cost including that weird sex move in front of the Blue Jackets net.

If he wasn’t an NHL superstar, you’d want him out of the series.  That’s the last thing the NHL wants.  Brad Marchand is the only reason to watch the playoffs unless you’re a big Carolina guy and you just want more of this.

I don’t.  I’ll take the Marchand show 100% of the time.



Dean Blundell

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