Video. Caryma Served An Online Harasser With Libel On Video Today

Nov 24, 2022

Caryma served a woman notice of Libel today.

I’ll do this like Axios does their posts to keep this about Caryma and why she served this woman.

Why It Matters:

A group of extreme left activists has targeted Caryma for almost two years for trying to do Q & A with Chris Sky in the courtyard where her offices are located. The extreme left attacked her, forcing her to move several times. Recently, Caryma was asked to help Sheriff Foda represent Jeremy Mackenzi (Diagolon asshole) because she’s a working lawyer who likes democracy and sides with common sense.

Who was sued?

Erica Ifill – Citizen journalist who’s been shitposting and harassing Caryma for months.

  • More recently, the abuse picked up after Caryma pissed off the hard left by agreeing to help represent Mackenzie.
  • She’s not the only one who’s been harassing Caryma. Tony Vice has been doing it for months. The person who runs that account works for This is just a taste.  Weird how an anti-hate org employees harassment and hates a brown woman.  Almost like they aren’t really about ending hate.  Just what hate might be able to do for them.  Erica works with them too.

  • Erica is part of a more extensive campaign that has attacked Caryma by suggesting Caryma is secretly an ally to white supremacists, and now she’s helping.

  • Caryma parked herself at the front of the panel. She wasn’t scared


  • Caryma served Erica after Erica did a panel about the abuse of female journalists and people who harass them. Classic.
  • Caryma was doing a deep dive podcast series and booked her ticket before Erica’s slanderous tweets. Caryma was there trying to figure out who Anti-Hate spokesperson Hazel Woodrow was (Hazel was supposed to appear on the panel). FYI – Hazel was a no-show.
  • Erica seemed to acknowledge one of the motivations for her harassment of Caryma. She’s J-E-L-O-U-S jealous because Caryma is a brilliant Lawyer/Journalist.

Caryma will handle this. She doesn’t need my help. She’s going to follow up, and I do not doubt that Ms. Ifill will learn a valuable lesson about how NOT to harass women in media, and she can use that in her next panel.

Assholes are assholes.


Dean Blundell

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