Video: Chicken Lovers Keep Storming The Court In Minnesota – Keep Getting Dummied

Apr 25, 2022

We’re so busy with real shit; we’re missing the good shit.

One of the T-Wolves’ minority Owners, Glen Taylor, is the object of PETA’s attention after destroying 5.3 million chickens at his chicken/egg factory after an avian flu outbreak.

These wacky bastards are triggered because some chickens starved instead of being put down humanely (starved to death).

If you’ve ever eaten chicken, they didn’t get to your plate ‘Humanely.’

Yesterday was the third incident in the last week.  And the security guy was soooooo fucken ready.

I love how she was dead weight dragged off the court so Anthony Edwards could get back to work.  Minny hasn’t seen playoff basketball for 20 years, so there’s NO WAY some hairy hippies will get in the way.

According to a press release, Direct Action Everywhere, a grassroots animal rights network, claimed responsibility for Saturday’s protest. The release named Zoe Rosenberg as the woman who chained herself to the basket.

The release stated that the two protests were in response to an investigation into a “recent mass killing of 5.3 million chickens following an outbreak of ‘highly pathogenic avian influenza.’ ” It occurred at Rembrandt Enterprises, an Iowa factory egg farm owned by Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor.

Taylor will transfer majority ownership of the Timberwolves to former baseball All-Star Alex Rodriguez and businessman Marc Lore in 2023.

Per a statement from the Grizzlies, the protester Saturday was related to the previous protest. She was tended to by security in the hallway within the arena and had the chain still loosely around her neck.

Good thing she took off her mask to superglue her hand to the floor.  Bringing the plight of delicious, dead chickens to the fore by endangering others during a pandemic is not lost on me.

I love animals as much as the next guy and totally understand WHY these jack-wagons are sad.  I don’t share the depth of despair that seems to be forcing losers to ruin their lives over chicken, but that’s just me.

I prefer to ruin my life over the protection and provision of human beings and the common good, not chickens.

Delicious, lemon peppered chicken with a light cabbage salad on the side.

If Glen murdered 5.3 million chickens with a shovel for no good reason, then I’d get it.

Lighten up, head to Wild Wing and pour one out for the their brothers and sisters in Minny then wash it down with a pint of Pilsner.  Not IPA. Only vegan hippies drink that shit.


Dean Blundell

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