Video: Start Your Monday With This ‘Learn To Twerk’ Class At The Community Centre

Sep 5, 2022

Happy holiday Monday. I was doing my early morning Twitter scroll to make sure everything was good with the company accounts and I came across this gem of a video.

I do not know what is going on here. Is this lap dance 101? Stripping 102? Learn to twerk? When I was a kid I went to the community centre to learn karate, boy scouts and occasional cooking class. In any case, it is hilarious that this is a class you can take in 2022. Am I really surprised? No, I am not. Take the MTV Video Music Awards as a quick example of where we are as a society.

If you asked someone in 1985 where they thought we would be as a society in 2022 they probably would have said flying cars, green renewable energy or robots. Jokes on all of you. We have twerking holograms.

That hologram was probably half a million dollars to create. So no, I am not surprised the local community centre has a lap dance course. It’s 2022 folks and as Kevin Garnett says,

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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