Video: Dolphins & Bills Fans Tailgated With Strippers Before Sunday’s Tilt, Because Of Course They Did

Mr. Epidermis Sep 27, 2022

Miami tailgates hit different. I’ve been to three American NFL tailgates in my life. Pittsburgh and Buffalo and New England. Pittsburgh was pretty wild, it’s basically in the heart of the city so not a ton of debauchery because it is all on parking lots. New England was high class, they’ve won 6 Super Bowls and it shows. Buffalo, oh Buffalo. It is a complete gong show.

In Miami apparently they have girls from the King of Diamonds on retainer who show up and put on a show pre game. I don’t hate it and it is really on brand for Miami.

It’s nice to see both fanbases getting along, because if this video was any indication Miami fans are POS.

Skin brings everyone together. It’s science.

Mr. Epidermis

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