Video: Drake’s Crew Brawled with Rick Ross in Vancouver And The Video Is Insane

Jul 1, 2024

I feel this is the end of Drake, and I’m cool with it.

Drake’s OVO Sound crew got into a scuffle with Rick Ross and his entourage at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, and I’m fairly certain Rick Ross’s DJ pissed himself after getting peaced up.

Rick Ross is the LAST guy I’m fucking with if I’m Drake, btw:

According to witnesses, Rick’s DJ played Kendrick’s “Not Like Us” at the end of Rick’s set. That’s when Drake’s “OVO SOUND CREW” (LOL) started mouthing off to Rick and his DJ. Maybe it’s the 4000 still unchallenged references to Drake being a pedophile in “Not Like Us.” It could be from their recent IG beef (Big LOL when grown-ass men fight about IG unfollows). Either way, this could be the start of the East Coast vs West Coast murder spree in the ’90s and early 2000s, only it’s Drake vs Everyone else, and I don’t like his odds.

From Collaborators to Competitors

Once upon a time, Drake and Rick Ross were thick as thieves. These two rap titans collaborated on hits like “Aston Martin Music” and “Money in the Grave,” leaving fans dreaming of a joint album that never materialized. But as the saying goes, all good things must end.

The bromance began to sour earlier this year when Ross reportedly unfollowed Drake on Instagram. *Gasp!* In the world of social media, that’s practically a declaration of war. Things escalated when Drake dropped his diss track “Push Ups,” taking shots at Ross’s age and claiming credit for his chart success. Rozay wasn’t about to take that lying down, firing back with “Champagne Moments” and dubbing Drake “BBL Drizzy” (ouch!).

Vancouver Showdown?

Fast forward to the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, where tensions allegedly boiled over. While details are scarce, some reports suggest that Drake’s OVO crew physically assaulted Rick Ross and his team. Could this be the moment when online beef turned into real-world drama? Or is it just another unsubstantiated rumor in the world of hip-hop feuds?

The Kendrick Connection

As if this beef wasn’t spicy enough, enter Kendrick Lamar. In his scorching diss track “Not Like Us,” K-Dot took aim at Drake with some serious allegations. The song’s cover art featured a Google Maps image of Drake’s Toronto mansion with 12 pins, allegedly representing registered sex offenders. Yikes! Kendrick’s lyrics pulled no punches, accusing Drake of some pretty unsavory behavior.

Shots Fired – Literally

In a bizarre twist, the feud took a dangerous turn when a security guard was shot outside Drake’s Toronto mansion on May 7th. While police haven’t linked the incident to the ongoing rap beef, it’s added a layer of tension to an already (hilariously) volatile situation.

What’s Next?

Who cares. Drake’s been castrated by the rap world and Not Like Us is the song of the summer.

Will Drake and Rick Ross patch things up, or is this the end of their musical partnership? And how will Kendrick’s allegations factor into the ongoing drama? Will Rick Ross’s DJ ever wake up, and at one point, does Drake lock himself in his MASSIVE house? If I’ve learned anything about the TUPAC/BIGGIE murders, it’s don’t fuck with real rappers.

Maybe think twice before accepting an invite to Drake’s next pool party.

Dean Blundell

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