Video: Drakes Goons May Have Rushed Pusha T, One In Critical Condition.

Nov 22, 2018

So I didn’t post the PUSHA T (Fuck, that name makes me laugh) concert footage for a couple of reasons. 1) Drake hates my guts; he’s had guys do this to me and 2) I didn’t want to write “PUSHA T” cuz it just looks so fucking goofy after typing it because I’m embarrassed for him.  Anyway, someones in critical condition, so it’s worth noting, unfortunately.


Source: While performing at the Danforth Music Hall for his first show in Drake‘s hometown since their now-infamous feud began, fans started throwing drinks at Pusha. The madness escalated quickly, with security stepping in to seemingly stop some assailants from jumping over a barrier, The Blast reported. The angry fans were reportedly screaming about Drake when they started to attack.

According to Complex, the drink-throwing brawl didn’t prevent Pusha from performing, and he ultimately came back on stage to perform two more songs: “I Don’t Like” and “The Story of Adidon,” all while blaming the Canadian rapper for the disturbance. The magazine also reported that there are rumors that Drake purchased 200 tickets in order to create the brawl.

The incident comes about a week after Pusha performed at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival with a “F–k Drake” graphic projected onto a giant screen behind him. He later blamed a “corny ass tech dude” for the blip.

Pusha and Drake’s beef reached an all-time high when Pusha revealed that Drake had a secret child that no one knew about.

I think we know why @drake wears a bulletproof vest to his shows.

I think its awesome journalists are forced to use words like ‘Beef’ and ‘Diss Tracks’ now to get people to read their shit.  It’s probably a 55-year-old who scours her kid’s phone for hours trying to keep her job frantically.

These guys are idolized, and I’d like to remind you how passive aggressive the rap game has become with guys like Drake (who’s a known coward) as it’s representative. Last night people were willing to fucking stab each other because they love this pussy.  Now that’s some cult of personality.  It’s also a great reminder of how mental this world is when a giant baby named Drake is the biggest rap star in the world, and someone named PUSHA T is his nemesis.

Anyone Drake hates gets paid a ‘visit,’ or so I’m told.  I was paid one of those visits to the ACC lounge.  NBD.  Back to Pussies singing about each other’s illegitimate kids.

Dean Blundell

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