Video: Elliott McDavid, The Redneck Who Attacked Chrystia Freeland, Is Exactly What You Think He Is

Aug 28, 2022

Maybe Trudeau was right when he called a portion of the “fringe” Mysoginist and Dangerous. I mean, it’s right here.

Elliott McDavid, the Grand Prairie skid who verbally assaulted DPM Chrystia Freeland on video last week, is precisely what you’d think he is.

He represents every negative stereotype you can imagine when imagining what a dumb, angry, misinformed, backwoods, rednecked Albertan looks and acts like.

His name is Elliott McDavid, and he’s straight outta Deliverance.

If you have 12 minutes, this KILLER video Elliott made on his couch will tell you everything you need to know.

If you can make it through, you’ll notice he hates vaccines, any government, loves the Queen, thinks covid isn’t real, vaccines are death, and kids need to catch crayfish. I think.

Here’s Elliott wearing the batshit crazy conspiracy uniform Crocs, wraparound shades, and a hat with a curved brim. That’s his equally brain-dead wife on his left. She thinks she’s in a movie about saving kids from Klaus Shwab, and haters will be hung after the “revolution.”

Elliott is a veteran of several local protests in Grand Prarie; he’s known to police and said yesterday that he doesn’t regret shit. He’s saving KIDS and Canada from the World Economic Forum, and the Liberal government has to go, or they’ll take his land and cars. Yours too. He believes that as does 30% of his province.

Elliott is EXACTLY what’s wrong with this country and precisely who Pierre Poilievere targets with his “Freedom” messaging. What he’s telling Elliott and other greasy dumb rednecks is only he will protect the freedom of the white, intellectually challenged redneck’s privilege and freedom to act like an asshole.

Only Pierre can protect the freedom of fake media to post pure unadulterated bullshit rage farmers from gay-hating, anti-Muslim white extremists like Andrew Lawton from True North. Almost every Canadian Politician has condemned Elliott’s attack on Ms. Freeland, except Pierre and his proxy supporters like Candace Bergan or any federal conservative.

The Federal Conservatives like it when their extremist foot soldiers attack men and women with dissenting opinions to batshit crazy. Pierre WANTS crazy bastards to hurt Canadians.

He WANTS us to feel uncomfortable and safe, so he can be the one to tell you only he can do something about it because he’s Skinny Trump. Every lousy actor is an asset and doesn’t mind ruining the lives of his supporters or enemies if it gets him closer to the PM’s residence. He’s human garbage. He’s a religious extremist and a complete fascist, so the ends justify the means.

The Tyee wrote a great piece on how much worse this gets before it gets better and lays the blame for inciting extremist militia assholes directly at the feet of shitheads like Pierre. It’s well worth the read.

The Tyee: A political scientist told The Tyee he expects aggressive attacks on politicians to increase in Canada as right-wing politicians continue to engage in “rage farming” by advancing false and misleading conspiracy narratives.

“They know how to feed those narratives,” said University of Alberta political scientist Jared Wesley.

Freeland, according to her official itinerary, had been in Grande Prairie to meet with local farmers and skilled tradespeople. She was at city hall to meet with Mayor Jackie Clayton.

In the interview with The Tyee, McDavid, one of the organizers of a truck convoy in Grande Prairie, ranted about the Trudeau government being part of a conspiracy involving the World Economic Forum. He also claimed the government was trying to starve the public by forcing fertilizer limitations on farmers and was killing thousands of people, including children, with vaccinations.

“I’m a proud Canadian and I have had enough,” McDavid said, mouthing a trope favoured by conspiracy theorists who view themselves as patriots while viewing the rest of the population as unquestioning sheep.

Asked what he would say to those people who are calling him a thug, and a bully and coward for attacking Freeland, McDavid said, “They got problems. Tell them to go get another vaccine.”

Asked what he would say to those people who say he is too stupid and gullible to realize he has bought into bizarre conspiracy theories, McDavid said:

“I’m fighting for the country and the people, unlike the media, unlike the government,” he said, adding that people won’t wake up until it is too late.

The Truth? Almost everyone who shares any of Elliott’s views of the coming apocalypse is very stupid. The brain power it takes to reason is nonexistent due to a lack of education, genetics, or both. Most of these knobs live in rural settings, and Alberta and Ontario are teaming with these morons. Theocratic, neo-con governments lead both provinces. Both have the highest population of evangelical Christians and churches, and both have rural militia/extremist issues. Per capita, Alberta is worse.

Elliott is made possible by Facebook, Fox News, and rhetoric confirming bullshit from Pierre Poilievre, Leslyn Lewis, Jenni Byrne, and the entire UCP in Alberta, creating an alternative reality of anti-science, pro-religious extremism. Elliott and his smoke show wife believe they are warriors for Jesus and freedom; they can’t qualify without help from Bitchute and 8chan. They all cannot reason outside of emotion because they are just too stupid to get the objective reality that politicians publicly question for personal gain.

Ms. Freeland is fine. She’s Harvard educated and gracefully responded to Elliott’s attack with grace because she has all of her faculties. She speaks five languages.

Elliott McDavid, his wife, and anyone who thinks how they think are societal chum. They are the dregs we have to drag around like penance for being born into this incredible life, like a cautionary tale you’ll be grateful for.

The narrative these angry dregs are starting to use in social media posts is the “You think you’re better than us!?”

Yes. Yes, I do.




Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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