Video: Elon Musk Went Full Ketamine Ironman In A Live Q&A Yesterday. Never Go Full Ketamine Ironman

Nov 30, 2023

Fresh off his “Sorry for being a little anti-semitic tour” in Israel, Elon Musk sat with Andrew Ross Sorkin for a live Q&A and proceeded to tell advertisers (namely Disney) to “Go. Fuck. Yourself.”

I love the Indiana Jones outfit and the new “Ketamine Ironman” vibe he’s grooving. I’d be onside if he weren’t all twitchy about it.

(Listen for the mind-numbing awkward silence. It’s to die for)

Hot stuff. There’s nothing like your CEO telling the people who pay his/your bills to “Go. Fuck. Yourself.” Multiple times. On Live TV streaming to the world. Solid business plan.

His fake CEO, Linda Yaccarino, brought in to save revenue and work with ad partners (who audibly gasped in the front row), tried to spin his meltdown into a free speech positive (LOL).

It’s like putting out a forest fire with a Hello Barbie squirt gun. Well done, Linda. “Enabling Information Independence” might be French for “OMG, I should have stayed home,” but I admire your effort.

Elon refers specifically to Bob Iger in his J-School sweaty meltdown. The Disney President pulled his ads from Twitter – the least popular and influential of the top 30 social media apps based on user volume worldwide. Elon replied to an anti-semitic tweet by an anti-semite, blaming Jews (of course) for trying to kill white people.

Tough sell.

Now, here’s the issue (Outside of his Ketamine use, Incel demeanor, and terrible fucking business acumen due to extreme emotional instability: Telling advertisers to “go fuck yourself” is awful for business. Ego, no matter how cool the Incel crowd thinks this moment is, is horrible for business. Here, Elon picked emotion and Ego over doing the right thing for his business, the people who work at Twitter, and anyone who uses the app. He’s not just telling advertisers to eat shit; he’s telling you he doesn’t give a fuck about you either.


He’s REALLY angry that the Anti-Defamation League tracks and publishes hateful, racist, and antisemitic content on the app, which has led to a loss in revenue. His solution was to boost more anti-semitic hate and tell advertisers to go fuck themselves, then blame the ADL for the impending death of Twitter.

Ketamine might have something to do with it, too. Holy shit is he twitchy.

Emotional outbursts, especially negative ones, are for the tool-less. People who are in extreme mental and emotional distress cannot respond appropriately to things. They also blame everyone else for their actions. During the Interview, Elon said advertisers who flee based on the content he and his team at Twitter put out would “kill the company.” Not his anti-semitism, or hate-fuelled users, bots, and trolls, or the influx of hardcore porn, or the platforming of hate groups and misinformation/disinformation.

It’s somehow Disney’s fault for not wanting to be associated with a platform that doesn’t give a shit about brand safety and whose owner picks hateful conspiracy theories over a business he paid $44 billion for (it’s now worth $10 Billion).

It’s hard to trust your brand to a guy who publicly values racially charged conspiracy theories over the health of his company, employees, and clients. Elon loves himself, his opinions, and his need to be allowed to express them WAY more than he values anything else, and THAT should be a red flag for ANY Musk-owned company today. Not just Twitter ad partners and users.

And can we put away the idea that fucking yourself into business oblivion because you can is “cool?” Only a fucking idiot with the IQ of a hammer, a bot or a troll cheer on abject failure. destroying a legacy brand while lighting $44 Billion on fire while alienating your base and all your ad partners with an unhinged public meltdown is ABJECT FAILURE, btw.

It’s what unwell assholes with a God Complex do. Elon is the Incel God, and he’s broke Stans think he just leveled up because he can afford to break things.

Like people. Or his own business. Or reality.

You won’t find an economist or entrepreneur who thinks it’s innovative business to stand in the doorway of your new business telling people to go fuck themselves while telling anti-semites to come in the back door.











Dean Blundell

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