Video: Elon VS Don Lemon Was An Absolute Electric Factory And His Ketamine Glow Is Incredible.

Mar 19, 2024

I’m starting to love watching these hardcore combo interviews with influencers from both sides that everyone seems to hate.

Cuomo and Tucker last week.

This week, Don Lemon will have his first and last interview as an employee of X, with Elon as his first guest.

Whenever two “supposed” culture leaders from either side of the media culture spectrum show up, I’m in.

I didn’t learn anything about Don Lemon or Elon Musk. I didn’t already know after Don’s disaster sitdown with a VERY fucking triggered and spaced-out Elon Musk.

He addressed his Ketamine use by saying he didn’t want to talk about his medical issues, then went on an absolute tear on the benefits of Ketamine and how much he loves it, and that doctors should prescribe it to everyone. LOLZ.

About those Anti-Semitic Tweets? He LOVES them!

I loved this clip. Don asked Elon about all the racism and trans/LGBTQ hate. He paints all trans people and black people as complainers who need to get over it, then tries to associate DEI with the downfall of everything from America to Boeing because the Chinese are coming for us. LOLOLZ.

Elon tried to explain his dislike of diversity hires (hiring people of color or immigrants) by hypothetically suggesting we lower standards for black people and women to become doctors and pilots, which is why planes crash, and people (might) die in surgery. LOLOLOLZ.

After all that insane rambling, Don asked Elon if Twitter’s failure was his fault because he was the owner. Oh, Elon gets angry over this line of questioning. Loved it. He then warns Don to be careful and tells him he should ask better questions in the next five minutes. He then attempts to answer the question by blaming everyone else for his extreme failure as the owner of Twitter. So, to answer Don’s question, No, nothing he does is his fault. He’s just a misunderstood hero who’s BIG mad. LOLOLOLOLOLZ.

My Takeaways?

  • Don Lemon is bad at interviewing. The dude kept apologizing every time he asked questions. Fuck that. I bet Elmo would have given better answers (not that these answers weren’t psychiatric-wing-awesome already)
  • Elon is a terrible fucking interview, and he’s getting worse because he’s so fucking jacked up and emotionally defensive. He’s a bunch of overworked loose ends with a God/Orphan complex who knows he’s an asshole proving a point, and he also knows he’s rich enough to pretend not to care, but he does.
  • Elon and Don were using each other, and it failed miserably. Don wanted money and relevance after getting fired from CNN for being a pain in the ass. Elon is looking to prove to the world he’s not racist because he hired a gay black guy to interview him. That’s all this was.
  •  Elon is so profoundly emotionally and mentally troubled that he can’t answer any questions that sound marginally like a critique. He’s done learning from “lesser people” and takes any insinuation he might not be the person he wants us to think he is as blasphemous.
  • Tesla and SpaceX shareholders should be shitting their pants
  • There’s a market for crossover culture content. I loved watching culture vultures who snipe at each other online for years finally talk.

Elon and Don are no different than anyone else with an ego. They care about relevance and money, and in that order—Don’s performative. Elon is, too. But Elon is not Terra Firma and outed himself as a clean-shaven Howard Hughes with a bent for white supremacy and doesn’t care what you think.


Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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