Video: England Supporters Absolutely Lose Their Shit Following An Embarrassing Tie To USA Soccer

Nov 25, 2022

That’s a lot of beer being thrown around. To be fair I would also be upset if I was England and lost to the United States. I equate this to Team Canada losing to Belarus in Hockey. Belarus isn’t garbage they have a few good players but they are not the hockey juggernaut that is Hockey Canada. The same goes for the Three Lions. England arguably has the most talented team in the World Cup, coming off a Euro Final loss to Italy. The United States is a cute team but nothing special, a draw against England is a huge win for USA Soccer.

The Three Lions should have smoked the United States essentially ending their World Cup hopes, but instead, they tied. I will watch the World Cup all day and I truly feel there is something relaxing and nerve-wracking about watching soccer but I hate that teams can play their nuts off and end in a draw.

Onto Canada/Croatia on Sunday!

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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