VIDEO: First Time Hang Glider Isn’t Hooked Up To Said Hang Glider, World’s Greatest Go Pro Video Results (Graphic)

Nov 29, 2018

Source:  A U.S. tourist is lucky to be alive after an “unexpected twist” occurred during his first time hang gliding while on vacation after the pilot forgot to attach him to the glider, leaving him dangling hundreds of feet above the ground.

Chris Gursky and his wife, Gail, were on vacation in Switzerland when they decided to try hang gliding for the first time.

Terrifying footage shows Gursky hanging on for dear life after his instructor for his tandem flight forgot to attach him to the actual glider.

If you meet this man, rub up against him for good luck.

Can you imagine if he let go and threw his hands up like people do on roller coasters?  He would have been road butter.

He broke his wrist and a few ribs but he’s gonna be just fine which is unreal.  Chris said he plans on hang gliding again saying he didn’t “get to enjoy the first time” which is actually smart according to the odds of this happening again.

I always feel better about getting on a plane right after a plane crash for the same reason.  The chances of another plane crash happening right after another plane crashes are slim to none and slim left town.

I like Chris’s reasoning and resolve to get back on that nylon/steel bird and ride again.  He’s earned it.


Dean Blundell

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