video: Garnet Hathaway hocks loogey of the century

Graham Kritzer Nov 19, 2019

As far as hocking loogies goes, it doesn’t get much more infamous or egregious as this one.

The Keith Hernandez loogie will always stand the test of time, and I won’t listen to anyone say otherwise. That being said a meaningless game between the Washington Capitals and the Anaheim Ducks featured a hocked loogie that was so offensive and so purposeful, I dare say it came close to matching the audacity of the Hernandez looger.
At the end of the 2nd period with the Caps up 3-dick, Ducks’ Eric Gudbranson and Caps’ Garnet Hathaway (a Dollarama Brad Marchand with hands of granite) got into a little bit of a gentleman’s disagreement. While trying to get separated to toss a few bombs at each other, Hathaway opted to instead spew forth one of the most sizeable loogs I have seen in quite sometime. It’s a loogey you might toss forth after swallowing a horsefly or while in the throes of pneumonia.

Understandably, Mr. Gudbranson was not as enthusiastic as one would think after being the recipient of said hocked loogey, and let a sweet right cross go, connecting with Hathaway.

Per Gudbranson: “It’s something you just don’t do…going to that level is wrong.” Gudbranson’s teammate Derek Grant went on to add: “At the end of the day it’s probably the most disrespectful thing you can ever do to somebody.”
My favourite part is Hathaway’s face after getting tagged. Like he was surprised Gudbranson responded with fists instead of a handshake or a nod.
Fix your shit Hathaway.

Graham Kritzer

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