Video: Good Boy Crushed When He Picks The Wrong Treat Hand And I Can’t Even

Nov 8, 2019

How can you not watch every second of this multiple times and not wanna hug and kiss this sad good boy after getting screwed over for treats?  The look is real and so is the disappointment.

I think I love dogs for the same reasons I dislike people.  Dogs have no agenda when it comes to emotion.  How they act is exactly how they feel whereas humans are a pile of game playing, subliminal assholes who like to leave people guessing.

When dogs jump like lunatics excited, They are actually excited.  When you come in the door, they are happy to see you ALWAYS.  When they are pissed off, you know.

Not humans.  Most people never mean what they say, manipulate you with sadness or anger or give you the cold shoulder and leave you guessing why.  Not dogs.  They lick their balls and assholes in public.  They don’t care what we think.

I trust a dog before I trust human’s 10/10 times.

Dog’s are sentient beings who know what they want.   Like this pug who’s trying to get her pups back from an evil street busker:

Or how about Stella the dog who tells her owner what she wants and when she wants it by looking for, pressing the corresponding button on a board with other communication options.
This is unreal.

Stella’s favorite word is ‘Beach’ and always presses ‘Happy’ when she wakes up in the morning.

I wonder if there’s a button for ‘get me a male cuz this bitch is in heat’ button.  It seems rude if there isn’t.


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Dean Blundell

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