Breaking: Marc Gasol Is A Raptor In A Baaaaalockbuster With Memphis. And Once Again, I’m A Genius.

Feb 7, 2019

I laughed so hard writing that tweet.  I was trying to be an insider and flexed the news soooo hard!!

Here’s the real news:

GREAT Deal for the Raptors.  I love JV but it’s over.  I like Delon and CJ but seriously.  Marc Gasol can literally do everything and he’s 7 ft tall.  If you ask me he’s a top-six center in the league and this moves Serge into the 4 and stretches the shit out of the floor.  His career .344 from three, 7.7 RB, 3.4 a and 15.2 ppg are all that matters.  Everything they gave up to move Serge into the 4 was terrific and I seriously have zero attachment to any player on this team at the moment, and you shouldn’t either.  This is about 1 thing.

And it ain’t millionaires feelings.

And it’s not about building a winning program over the next five years.  If you accept that this is the window and it is most likely the best chance you’ll ever have to win a championship, you shoot your shot.

According to @Natesilver538, the move Re-establishes Toronto as co-favorites to come out of the east with The Bucks in tow.

Jesus.  Isn’t it way more fun when your team doesn’t cheap out at the trade deadline?

Hilarious.  And by social media standards, very smart.  Bohemian Rhapsody is HUGE right now, and Remy Malik is incredible in it btw.  Marc, you clever devil you.  You’d fit right in here in Toronto.  The trade that very well might happen is Gasol & Conley JR (which would be an absolute power move by Masai) for JV, Kyle, A 1st and Delon.  It’s on the table right now, and it’s the best offer they have.  They tried to pry Siakam, but Masai told the Grizzlies to beat it.


Judging by my friends Eric Smith, Voice of the Raptors, he doesn’t think Kyle’s moving and boy, would that be mind-blowing to hardcore fans if he gets moved.

I asked E if he had a gut feeling about something big and he hasn’t replied which to me means he does.  You might not read into much, but I read into everything and do the mental math based on past experiences as an insider and what I know.  It’s called gaslighting the insider business.

Anywho, don’t be surprised if the last piece of the Raptor turnaround and his bad back are moved today and if he is, I loved watching every game he played as a Raptor.

But, I like Championships more.


Nevermind.  Eric says he thinks the Raptors are basically staying put.   I agree to disagree.  We beg to differ

Dean Blundell

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