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Hashtag Sports Aug 17, 2022

Hashtag Sports and their moniker “Always Trending”, breakdown all things NFL and Buffalo Bills related.  2022 will be their 10th year as a podcast, broadcast and analysts of everything sports related. They have shared their insight with many networks and podcasters since they created Hashtag in 2013.  Paul and Mario look at objectivity above everything else which sets them apart with their analytics and coverage. 

We wanted to be different and put out a different product than anyone else.  That was the birth of doing videos in the car.  Just two guys driving around, having a coffee, talking about their favorite teams. -Mario

A former All-New York State Quarterback and State Champion in Wrestling, Mario was offered a developmental contract to play professionally with the Dresden Monarchs. An injury cut his career short, so he transferred his love for the game into teaching the next generation of football players.  Mario deals with the x’s and o’s and can be found on most nights in the film room.  Often controversial with his comments on-air, Mario will tell you how it is, whether you like it or not.

Here’s the deal, right.  There are people who are super fans, and some who truly love football.  We cover the second part of that.  Football is just as much a business as it is a game, so if you just concentrate on what’s down on the field, you are missing half the game. -Paul

 This former lead singer of Into Your Own, a local rock band, balances out the show with a blend of sarcasm and old fashioned common sense. Looking at logic above all things, Paul’s objective approach to looking at events that transpire on and off the field makes him the conscience of Hashtag Sports. Not one to shy away from speaking his mind, Paul’s methodical breakdown of stats, scores, and the salary cap can be heard on the Hashtag Sports broadcasts and in his articles.

Hashtag Sports

Hashtag Sports is entering their 10th Year Covering the NFL and the Buffalo Bills. Known to be 'Always Trending', Paul and Mario's signature style and "Car Ride" videos set them apart from any other sports podcasters.

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