Video: Here’s a taste of what’s going on at the fake convoy church in Ottawa

Aug 25, 2022

Glen McGregor from CTV sent this to me today.

We’re both convinced this show to last forever.

Here’s the deal:

The fat guy in the BoSox gear hates these convoy freeloaders. It appears he parked his truck there to piss them off. The Convoy mouth breathers (now squatting illegally in St Brigid’s church) tried to provoke the Fat BoSox guy into a response. He then obliges across the street to a local pub to “keep drinking” while the Convoy wieners try to create more evidence for police to arrest the Fat BoSox guy.

And, Action!

I needed to create a fake FB account to watch this, and I’m glad I did. the “Dacey Media” video from inside squatters paradise needs to be a live-action show like “Cops” only from the “Clownvoy” perspective. There might not be anything funnier or more compelling on a screen than seeing ignorant religious extremists panic for 5 minutes like it’s the last stand of Gondor. Seriously. You can inject this content into my veins.

They don’t plan on leaving, and their executive director William Komer got dressed up for it before spraying reporters with tainted water while wearing a bunch of stuff from the “TUPOC” dress-up closet, INCLUDING toilet scrubbing gloves.

I’m not scared by cray like some hard-left snowflakes are. It’s arrested religious development at its finest. These are the dregs of the convoy, like those pesky ass chips after four wipes. It takes a little extra time for the hangers-on to disappear, but they will.

At 12:01 am tonight.

I’ll be staying up late for that show.




Dean Blundell

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