Video: Hey Toronto Anti-Vaxxers – When Your Protest Starts To Look Like A Group Home Outing For 6, It’s Time To Pack It In

Nov 12, 2022

What a run it’s been, though.

From thousands of uneducated rednecks stopping traffic on Young Street to 4 mentally an emotionally damaged, unemployable guys with a sound system, it’s been a slice.

We had SOME excitement in downtown Toronto today. The work vest guy started yelling at Bible/flat earth guy in kneepads because the vest guy was angry kneepad guy wasn’t talking about freedom enough.

The Kneepad guy wasn’t happy when the Round Earth Jesus guy took the microphone to spread lies about the earth not being flat, either.

Speaking of Flat/Round Earthers, Avery here was able to confuse himself and the three people watching him wax about God; most importantly, he’s for, more importantly, flat earth and, most importantly, God first. Something something.


Think about the movement like this:

The grifters have grifted. It’s getting colder, and these are the “picky bits” left over.

The dregs.

The leftovers.

The people who thought this was a real community of people doing the right thing for Jesus/each other.

The Chris Skys and Kelly Anne Farkas’s of the world raped and pillaged their way through these poor people, and this is what’s left.

How it started:

How It’s Going:

We’ll remember these dorks for decades. That time when our dumbest found each other and all bought Chris Sky shirts before he moved to Mexico with hundreds of thousands of their hillbilly dollars.

Thank you, Caryma. Now let’s work on the documentary.


Dean Blundell

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