Video: “House Of The Dragon” Premieres Tonight at 9PM And It’s Going To Be Better Than Game Of Thrones

Aug 21, 2022

Blasphemy I know, GOT was epic until the final season. The world was hooked and HBO was rolling in the dough. I know Thrones ended terribly other than the rightful king ascending to the throne at the end of the day. Let us hope we can go back to a time when everyone lost their shit online after every episode.

Now the real question is what should we expect. All of the high-brow movie reviewers love the show. According to reports, it will have more action than Thrones with apparently less sex and nudity. Also, it took us until about season 6 of GOT to get some real badass Dragon action. That shit is going to be front and centre right away in this show.

Do I have tempered expectations? Yes. The last season of Thrones was so bad that we have no choice but to go into House of the Dragon with a small amount of hesitation.

Get your popcorn ready tonight at 9 PM on Crave.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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