Video: I Walked Through A Fuck Trudeau AND Pro Hamas Rally In Toronto And They Were Full of The Same Religious Weirdo’s Who Seem To Love Abusing Kids

Nov 20, 2023

Know thyself.

Maybe the best two words in the English language next to “Fuck You.”

I used both of those two-word phrases yesterday.

I was on a street car in Toronto heading to a meeting yesterday. It stopped in the middle of an intersection, and the driver came on the loudspeaker to tell us to get off because of a protest blocking the street car lane on College Street. Purposefully.

There were two. One was the Putin-inspired Fake Gaza protest with Palestinian flags and Hamas Flags (Palestine’s government is Hamas). The other was a Fuck Trudeau “Freedumb Rally”

I hated them both equally. Here’s why: These protests are performative and feature a cross-section of individuals feeding their egos or self-interests. Also, I really don’t like having my progress impeded on a fun Saturday afternoon.


Wars are won and lost after one country’s government attacks another. The winner of any war is the country that damages the most infrastructure of the other nation/kills the most people. We revel in the historic vaporization of 200k Japanese people because some think it ended the war in 1945. The Germans had already been defeated. Hitler had been dead for five months when the Enola Gay dropped “the bomb,” which no one talks about as “unnecessary,” “Barbaric,” or “genocidal.”

Hamas slaughtered 1400 Israelis. Israel is responding with force because they have the fourth biggest military power on earth. Hamas/Gaza is getting pummeled, hiding under schools and hospitals after starting the war.

We didn’t have Twitter or FB in 45, so no one was propagating narratives of genocide like we see now when it comes to war. No one was using pictures and videos of dead kids to convince a few hundred FB friends to appeal to emotion to support their global intifada in 45.  There was only one war: good versus evil—fascism versus democracy. Back then, you had to drop leaflets or stand on a street corner to convince the masses to start a protest or to rise against whatever the fuck. It was way more complicated to trigger a physical response by the masses 80 years ago.

Today, all you have to do is show a steady stream of horrific images to targeted accounts of religious extremists on Facebook, along with a link for a place to meet with a “bring your flag on the end of a fucking stick” e-vite. Religious extremists will do anything you tell them to because they’re larping for a spot in the afterlife with Allah. Stopping traffic for a few hundred thousand people trying to get to work is no big deal when you throw in a steady diet of “Jews are the devil” propaganda.

Fuck Trudeau Freedumb Rally

While Hamas supporters were blocking College and University on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the “Fuck Trudeau Freedumb Fuckers” were blocking Yonge/College with their upside-down Canadian flags and crosses and messages to “leave kids alone.”

It had the same pointless feel, and like the Pro Hamas protestors, the “Fuck Trudeau” rally had a LOT of religious representation (Muslims and Christians share the same God and are hateful mirror images of each other in the extreme sense).

The Fuck Trudeau protest was roughly the same size as the pro-Hamas protest, and they were screaming the same thing “Canada has blood on its hands” and “Fuck Trudeau,” Blah Blah Blah. These twats have been pissing into the wind for three years, and it’s more of a social gathering for mentally ill evangelicals and the victim class than anything else at this point, but both protests smelled the same.

What’s Your Point, Dean?

Every major war, conflict, or protest we see, domestically and abroad, is backed by Abrahamic (Christian/Muslim) hardliners who hide behind flags, microphones, and a few hundred LARPY victims who think they are on an episode of “The Boys – Religious Extremist edition.”

Let’s Compare “Protests”:

  • Both feature hardline religious extremists who believe in a magical afterlife
  • Both hide their religious affiliation or reasoning
  • Both think they are saving the World
  • Both believe that they are warriors for God/Allah
  • Neither gives a single fuck about social responsibility
  • Neither cares about the wants or needs of others other than those who share their “faith.”
  • Both hate secular society
  • Both think they are fighting a holy war for the same God
  • Both think Governments would be religious autocracies that punish secular thinking
  • Neither will admit to their bullshit dogma being a driver of their intentions to hurt Canada or Canadians.
  • Both use children as pawns and human shields

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

It All Makes Sense, Now

Who benefits from domestic Chaos in the Free-est secular country in the World?

Religious autocracies and hardline authoritarian countries like Russia, China, Iran, and the GOP/Evangelical psychos/Magats in the US. A LOT of the unrest we’ve seen has been funded and promoted by member parties from the IDU (International Democratic Union), a global conservative dark money group run by former hardline conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The same group funding Skinny Trump, Pierre Poilievre’s dangerous rhetoric.

Harper’s IDU is the “boots on the ground” for civil unrest and helped activate, plan, and fund the Freedumb Convoy in Canada last Feb. Harper IDU is financed mainly by hard-right fascist elites and governments like Hungary, Israel, Bangladesh, Russia, Sri Lanka, Kenya.  Members from those countries all share one common bond: EXTREME Alt-right/Conservative authoritarianism driven by Abrahamic extremism. (Christians and Muslims).

Why? Poor people who believe in a sky daddy are easily manipulated by memes and their “faith” “-based leaders.

Fuck, suppose you need idiots to cause a disruption on your behalf across the World. In that case, there’s no better pond to fish in than radicalized chat sites belonging to people who believe in a cosmic Killjoy minus ANY proof of that Killjoy being real. Any idiot will do anything for a chance to live forever, and their eternal life is at stake. The vast majority of people who attend these Israel-Gaza/F-Trudeau protests think they are on a mission from God – they’ve been called to help ALLAH take over world governments/secular/democratic society.

They’ve been triggered into being useful tools by global elites looking to create global unrest in countries around the World. They create international armies through disinformation and misinformation using children. Thus, the fake Save The Children/Parental Rights/QANON Pizza Pedo/Gaza-Israel children death tally and horrific images of just children.

It’s a global strategy now:

  • Gin up some religious zealots
  • Tell them their kid’s lives are at stake
  • Set up a protest rally point
  • Cause civil unrest in a foreign country
  • Rinse Repeat

Suppose you stand up to these bullshit rallies. In that case, you’re instantly labeled a genocidal pedophile by the troll/bot armies and religious zealots with social media accounts because fear porn is also part of the strategy.












Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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