Video: if You Missed Convoy “Mastermind” James Bauder’s Testimony At The EA Hearing, You Missed A Grown Ass Man Go Full Crying Homophobe On Live TV

Nov 4, 2022

This Emergency Act Hearing has zero chill.

Every day, new bombshells like crooked RCMP officers leaking the PM’s private schedule to the Convoy, or disaster artists like James Bauder becoming aggressively homophobic on live TV, show us why Ottawa happened.

A bunch of dumb hillbillies pissed about losing wing night at the karaoke bar decided to overthrow the government.


James started Canada Unity and was considered the “mastermind” behind the recruitment effort. He’s one of the authors of the now infamous “memorandum of understanding” that asked for the removal, arrest, and or execution of certain members of government, including all the Liberals and PM Trudeau.

Every Clownvoy witness has either said they disavow it OR they hadn’t seen it because it’s at the center of the governments EA act argument along with the new-found knowledge that the Convoy had active members of the RCMP, OPP, OPS, and CSIS helping them attempt to overthrow the government.

James’ behavior tracks with his past behavior. When he was released from prison in Ottawa last February, he immediately started a live stream and tried to hit his wife, Sandra, several times because she interrupted him.

And all poor Sandra has ever done is let James’s emotional and mental illness run wild while she picks up the pieces behind him and supports him. Because if she doesn’t, SO HELP HER. Right James? I mean, you know what I’m saying here, James Bauder. You know you’ve been a little “Aggressive” with your lovely wife, who follows you into crazy town because she’s scared of you.

James fucked this up by putting his insurrection thoughts on paper and sharing those thoughts with other cognitively delayed rednecks.



Over the past weeks’ testimony, every organizer has pretended to distance themselves from the MOU, but they can’t because of receipts.

Like this one where lead organizer Chris Barber asked Justin Trudeau to come to his house to try and take his guns and ammo.

James Bauder is that kid who grew up awkward without any friends. His wife pitied married him because they were older and went to the same church. He’s an abusive, aggressive Qanon conspiracy theorist, and his emotional stupidity makes him more dangerous than the rest of his brain-dead compatriots.


I’m pretty sure this was about being unable to eat in a restaurant. The Convoy organizing committee has all cited the tyranny of not being able to shit in a Subway or eat at a Truck Stop because they all refused to do one thing: wear a mask. Seriously.

That’s right, Every Cletus and Karen involved in this mess held a city hostage and shut down two border crossings because they weren’t allowed into Montana’s for the chicken and rib special for three months because wearing a mask was too much. So they tried to overthrow the government.





Dean Blundell

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