Video: If You Work For The Canadian Government’s Cyber Security Division, Maybe Don’t Scream “Heil” and “Hang Trudeau” Into A Live Camera

Jul 2, 2022

Caryma grabbed this guy’s rant last night around 6 pm during the #CanadaDayConvoy street orgy in Ottawa.

Strong language for a cyber-security expert who works for the Government of Canada.


Two Things:

1) How many of these fucks STILL work in cyber security for the Canadian government? If chuckles, here, is brave enough to scream “Heil” into a camera while demanding to hang his boss.

2) This man’s views are not legal alternative opinions or views. It’s hate speech by a toxic lazy honkey who should stick to hacking vending machines for extra snacks.

It looks like someone will lose their cushy government cyber security job.

A few weeks ago, we had former political fixer David Wallace on a podcast. A lot of what David said can’t be confirmed, but he nailed this one.

He told us there were a bunch of neo-con federal employees who espoused hateful neo-con Christian views and were working to sabotage the PM and Canada’s democracy.

I know a few people in government who have said similar things. This guy’s mini-Hitler rant wasn’t a freedom statement. It was hate speech and a death threat.

I’ve seen thousands of disturbing videos over the past two years, but this is the most concerning.

It will be impossible to weed shitheads like this out of government buildings. This POS is one of many who work for the government from 8-5 and then spend weekends planning insurrection parties with their racist asshole pals and politicians lining up to legitimize them all.

This video makes Pierre’s march with James Topp so gross to me.

The guy who wants to replace our PM marched with and supports this man’s perspective.

Suck on that for the next two years.




Dean Blundell

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