Video: If You’re The CEO Of An MLB Team, Don’t Assault Your Wife In Public

Mar 2, 2019

Source: Giants CEO Larry Baer pulled his wife out of a chair and caused her to fall to the ground in a San Francisco plaza on Friday morning, an incident captured on video by a witness and under investigation by city police. The video shows Baer stepping over his wife, Pam, as she sits in a chair in the plaza in Hayes Valley before noon. She screams, “Oh, my God, no, help!” as Baer appears to try to grab a phone out of her right hand. She hangs onto the phone, her chair tips, and she falls to her back. Larry Baer and his wife were having coffee when they engaged in an extended argument, and both were wearing suits. The 5-second video was provided by a worker in the area who said he witnessed the incident but spoke on the condition of anonymity. The footage — along with a second video lasting 10 seconds — does not make clear what led to the incident.

He wanted the phone and she didn’t want to give it to him so there have to be pictures and or texts, of her admitting to being in the arms of another man or better yet, a woman.

My Ex used to do stuff like this, hit you and push you, until you handed your phone over so she could try to magically figure out the password.  It happened so much I bought a second phone so she would stop hiding it in places around the house for not giving her the password.  I didn’t have anything on it.  I just knew it made her completely insane and I wanted out so it was a fun game.

Still, zero excuses to put your hands on a woman EVER, especially when she’s screaming ‘Help’ and ‘God no.’

MLB had better treat Larry like they treat players and make him fucking uber accountable for putting hands on his wife.

Yup.  She’s for sure banging someone else and he’s just pissed his baseball buddies found out before him.  Or, that’s his phone and he was caught.  Either way, he should be fucking fired and charged.  That’s the definition of assault.



Dean Blundell

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