Video: I’m Embarrassed For Jordan Peterson Fans

Oct 19, 2022

I mean, wtf is this?

If you still think Jordan Peterson is a person of substance, watch this:

Now THAT is a word salad.

But that’s Jordo’s whole gimmick. Pointless distractive deconstruction of EVERYTHING using words you don’t know keeps you away from how full of shit he is.

One of my favourite CBT experts/Stoic authors, Donald Robertson, nailed it.

This is Sophistry at its finest.

“Sophists” were fake philosophers who used confusion and false arguments to benefit themselves personally. They were considered “Losers” in ancient Greek and Roman times. Seems fitting.

Webster’s: The original Sophists were ancient Greek teachers of rhetoric and philosophy prominent in the 5th century B.C. In their heyday, these philosophers were considered adroit in their reasoning, but later philosophers (particularly Plato) described them as sham philosophers, out for money and willing to say anything to win an argument. Thus sophist (which comes from Greek sophistēs, meaning “wise man” or “expert”) earned a negative connotation as “a captious or fallacious reasoner.” Sophistry is reasoning that seems plausible on a superficial level but is actually unsound, or reasoning that is used to deceive.

I’d be embarrassed to cite Peterson as an influence. I’ve yet to see anything from Jordo that makes anyone a better person or helps them understand how to respond to the world.

Everything he says is meant to hurt or exact a level of revenge. He still hasn’t authored a single peer-reviewed paper or study and is considered a freeloading fraud in the profession he says he represents.

I watched “The Rise of Jordan Peterson” last week, and despite trying to come across as a psychological genius, he isn’t. He’s a lifelong socially awkward triggered snap show with serious drug issues that gave birth to severe mental and emotional psychopathy.

If he weren’t so hateful, I’d feel sorry for him.

Jordan is an agent of his own making in his world where he’s the hero sent by God translated by a dream his wife had about Jordan leading humanity out of the desert (no joke, it’s in the doc).

That’s what’s going on here. Divine visions of grandeur by his wife, Nosferatu – manifested through Jordan Peterson’s YouTube account and hateful stupidity. Now, he’s not even trying.

Pro Tip: get rid of your Peterson books, scrub his quotes from your social media accounts and unsubscribe from his YT account before he gets institutionalized.

Thank me later.


Dean Blundell

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