Video: I’m getting one of these amphibious sports cars as soon as quarantine is over

May 24, 2020

I saw this today and I’m obsessed with it.  I’m buying one.

HSA Platforms

Gibbs Amphibain Co is a company from just outside Birmingham, England.  They make the coolest all-terrain amphibious vehicles on the planet and I’ve been sitting here for an hour reading about their vehicles, watching their individual promos reals and they blow my mind for some reason.

This is the ‘Aquada’  center console, 3 seater.

It’s a gas-operated, 175 hp convertible sports car that’s capable of blowing your fucking mind like it blew mind watching it effortlessly go from care to mini speed boat capable of pulling a skier (it goes up to 30mph).

They go for $250,000.00 USD.

Wanna feel like a nautical badass?

Check out the ‘Biski’.  It should be self-explanatory.

How rad is this.  It’s capable of an 80 mph ground speed and 37  in the water.  If you have an island cottage in Muskoka, this is a no brainer coming home from the office on a Friday with little to no luggage.

It’s not cheap.  A new one is 100K.


That sort of looks like a young Michael J Fox behind the wheel, doesn’t it?

They have a few other ATVs and some heavy-duty vehicles too and they’re all equally as impressive and expensive.  Most of the first 20 models of each one of their lines is a collectors item and increase in value every year.

I’m getting them both.  It’s the power of projecting that energy into that thought that’ll make it come true because then you start working toward that goal subconsciously.  BOOM.  It happens.

If I was greedy I’d think about projecting a mat black ‘Phibian’.  But I’m not.


The tires are built-in bumpers for docking.

I think I have a semi.






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