VIDEO: It Was Another BAD Day At The Emergency Act Hearing For The “Freedumb” Convoy Organizers Yesterday. WOW.

Nov 2, 2022

Do you know why I love the Freedumb Convoyers from a distance?

The best content is when hen a stupid person pretends to be smart but is too dumb to realize everyone around them with a workable IQ is laughing at them while they talk. It’s science.

We siphon that Dunning-Kruger energy, then we laugh at “those people” in group chats and texts for days. Or, if you’re us, you put that dumbshit on display to make normies feel better about themselves.

We don’t laugh at their cognitive delay; we laugh at the confidence with which they are hilariously wrong. It’s like a self-perpetuating joke, and their lives are the punchlines.

Take Convoy founder and organizer Brigette Belton: Yesterday, she took the stand and promptly hit every damaging trope about anti-vaxxers (dumb, selfish, professional victims).

She SNAPPED when Lawyer Paul Champ asked if she wore a mask in a restaurant and went off about how she’s a victim of domestic abuse, which means she can never wear a mask. It’s everyone else’s fault for not being sensitive to her, so she started an illegal three-week occupation of Ottawa.

MAkes sense if you’re dumb and selfish, I guess.

Here, Brigette waxed about how terrible her life was on the road as a trucker during the pandemic, crying because Subway wouldn’t let her use their bathroom after delivering a frozen lunch of Subway bread.

Because she wasn’t vaccinated and refused to wear a mask during a global pandemic.

BOO, FUCKING HOO, Brig. Boo, fucking hoo. I wouldn’t let Trucker Brigette use my bathroom for a million reasons other than COVID, but that’s just me.

The other lead organizer Chris Barber had a day, too.

He took the stand, and his Swift Current dialect drove all the ladies crazy.

I’ve never heard someone use “I Seen…” more than Chris Barber, who admitted he was vaccinated, loved spreading online hate, had no control over the convoy, and had no Idea the convoy was there to hang the PM and arrest liberal politicians even though who totally knew that and went there for that specific puprose.

Chris is an excellent old racist truck driver from Sasky who took pride in spreading racist online hate, usually directed at Muslims, for years before he was tapped to lead the idiot charge with “Bad Brigette.”

Chris was in it for the money, not the mandates (he’s fully vaccinated), and had no idea what Tamara did with all that cash.

He also was upset he couldn’t use a bathroom even though he was fully vaccinated. He refused to wear a mask which is why he wasn’t allowed to take a shit at the Flying J in St Thomas.

Again, we’re back to triggered anger over being unable to use a bathroom and the tyranny of being forced to eat in your truck. When you’re a long haul trucker, all you do is eat in your car and piss in jugs, but somehow, during the pandemic, Chris decided he would instead use the indoor bathroom and eat exclusively in restaurants.

He also lied about 30 times, talking about an MOU he hates but has never read and knows nothing about that called for the death of politicians. But who’s counting anymore?

Convoy Supporters and organizers look like huge pussies who blame everyone for not bending to their wants. People didn’t like any inconvencice, so they railed against it based on privilege. These are the softest fuckers in the country. They all have the same bullshit selfish perspective: “TTHIS IS ONLY HAPPENING TO ME/US, AND NO ONE FEELS BAD FOR US!” That’s what I get out of these EA hearings.

Well, a hearty FUCK YOU to anyone who shares that sentiment. You’re either naturally or willingly stupid to walk around trenched in your victimhood while the rest of us crack on. It’s what professional victims do. They pretend everything is an insult so they can keep what little privilege they have.

Good news, Pirate Pat King is taking the stand today with my FAVORITE convoy organizer Tommy Marazzo. Neither is exceptionally bright, and both have a habit of saying dumb shit at the wrong time because they aren’t brilliant. That’s why we’re here.

Pat’s been low-key in Calgary, but he’ll fuck it up today. They all will.

You see, an intelligent person can reason through possible

consequences where their well-being is concerned. Dumb people like Brigette Belton, Chris Barber, Pat King, Tammy Lich, and others don’t understand consequences or look at consequences as persecution, and dumb victims LOVE the visuals that come with playing natural consequences such as tyranny, dictatorship, or persecution. That’s what the victim industry is – an ongoing emotional grift to make you think they were the only people who had to navigate tricky changes and the loss of certain freedoms for the greater good. During a global pandemic that killed 45,000 Canadians in two years.

That’s truly the mark of a stupid person. Someone who voids the experience of their community over their own. The idea you are an island and everyone else has to be sympathetic to you like the world gives a fuck about you/me, or your needs stand above the needs of anyone else.

Anti-vaxxers or assholes like Chris who are vaccinated but want to watch the world burn because they’re too stupid to be a part of it can’t help themselves either. For the first time in human history, hateful, cognitively delayed people have a safe space in the public square where being a dumb asshole is an ideology everyone else needs to live with, or we’re hateful.

All that being said, I’m watching CPAC for this trainwreck today.

What do you get when you put Tom Marazzo, Pat King, and Tammy Lich on the stand on the same day? Conent magic, baby.






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