Video: Jackson Mahomes Is Getting DRAGGED For Posting Billionaire Playboy Videos Arriving In Vegas For The Superbowl On His Brothers Dime

Feb 8, 2023

I’m unaware of any discernable or portable skill in how Jackson Mahomes relates to his billionaire douchebag lifestyle other than “Patrick paid For it.”


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Jackson doesn’t have a job.

Jackson doesn’t have a degree.

Jackson doesn’t do anything except make tiktok dance videos where he lipsyncs in bathrooms like a 12-year-old girl in an abusive home.

When he’s not doing that, he’s posing with his brother or doing a jig on the sidelines for his brother’s adoring fans. They hate Jackson too.


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Jackson has a “crew” of guys who suckle at his teet to get to Patrick. Saying they “Know” Patrick Mahomes is why they like Jackson Mahomes. As the sibling of any superstar athlete, how this works? Billionaire Athletes like Mahomes are targeted, and Jackson is at the mahomes trough because he knows Patrick will have to provide for Jackson forever if he stays there. Easy money.


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Does Jackson have a resume? Any work history at all? What does he do other than pretend he’s the Mickey Mouse Club version of his brother? Is he Patrick’s Hype guy? Does Patrick’s wife make Patrick pay Jackson, so she has someone to help carry shit into stadiums on game day?

Will Patrick finally take away Jackson’s sideline pass before Jackson gets trucked halfway into ‘doing the gritty?’

A Jackson Mahomes is dancing/TikTok prop bet this weekend. Even the sportsbooks are mocking him.

It makes me feel better about writing this blog.



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