VIDEO: Jaguars Fans Serenade Deshaun Watson With “You Sick F***” Chant

Aug 13, 2022

Deshaun Watson may be loved in Cleveland, but Jacksonville Jaguars fans let Deshaun know he’s a “sick fuck”. 

Disgraced Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson made his preseason debut Friday night. Watson was met by boos, and chants of “you sick fuck”.

This isn’t a surprising reaction. Watson has to know that he’s a hated man outside of Cleveland. Watson has been suspended for six-games due to over 30 women claiming they are victims of sex assault and harassment from Watson. 

The NFL is appealing Watson’s suspension. An independent arbitrator heard the Watson case first. There are reports that the NFL wants Watson suspended for an entire season and pay a $5 million fine. 

I’ve been covering the Deshaun Watson saga for since the news of the lawsuit broke last March. Watson missing an entire season and paying a substantial fine is the only outcome I find acceptable. I praised the NFL for doing the right thing and appealing the suspension. I was also happy to see that NFL fans are going to let Watson have it when he’s on the road. I’ve been sick by how much the Browns fans have been defending him. 

According to NFL rules Watson is allowed to participate in training camp and the preseason. Watson’s suspension will start week one of the regular season. 

To make things even worse for Watson, he overthrew his first pass as a Cleveland Brown.

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