VIDEO: Jimmy Garoppolo is Not Respected By Former Patriots Teammates

Jun 27, 2022

Football is a character game, and clearly Jimmy Garoppolo’s former New England Patriots teammates have very little respect for the current 49ers quarterback. 

Retired NFL player and Super Bowl 53 MVP Julian Edelman made an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, and he was asked to respond to his former teammate Martellus Bennet calling Jimmy Garoppolo a “bitch” for sitting out a game in 2016.

Bennett and Edelman are a small sample size, but it has given me enough proof that the 2016 New England Patriots don’t have a lot of respect for Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Garoppolo’s injury history has been well documented, however two teammates saying the same thing about Jimmy G is a terrible look. It also makes you wonder if it’s Garoppolo’s lack of toughness, or character issues that has forced the 49ers to move on. 

In the video below, I discuss Edelman’s appearance, and whether or not Jimmy Garoppolo will continue to have a productive NFL career.

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