Video: Jiu Jitsu Tournament Where You Have To Be High AF To Compete, Has The Greatest Trophy EVER

Cannabis Phil Mar 26, 2019

It’s amazing some of the leaps and innovations I have seen in the cannabis industry but this one is the latest. It’s like “Enter the Dragon” meets “Pineapple Express”! Welcome to first ever High Rollerz  Cannabis Infused Jiu Jitsu Tournament in LA!


Where 66 enter and a pound of weed goes to the winner. Oh yeah, one of the rules is that you have to be a blazing…constantly! You also have to pre blaze with your opponent! Isn’t that amazing?  And it also looks like they only use king size papers or blunts as their choice of weapon in LA. Personally, I would love to be blazing ring side taking pics, while passing fatties back and forth to the fighters!


Man I love this sport already. Don’t get me wrong, I would tap out for a bag of Doritos and a slushy! I mean I can do passive aggressive sports and working out, but fight? Probably not! So I have to give these guys credit, that they can blaze fatties and still kick someone’s ass! This looks like a really unique event that just made my travel cannabis plans. Hopefully, I will be able to catch the next one this summer with a bag of weed. LOL! Sorry I love this video and had to work it in, because at the end of the day who doesn’t love a bag of weed?


Cannabis Phil

It has been amazing to see the cannabis industry grow exponentially over a couple of years, to see this kind of growth is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I first started in the industry as a writer/photographer for High! Canada Magazine, interviewing some top people in the cannabis space. Eventually, I started doing content/video work, social media coverage of various cannabis events across North America, catching the pulse of what was going on and partaking in a quite a few sessions, meeting some truly amazing people on the way. In my previous enslavement (aka "career"), I was involved in the business side of things, so I do have an invested interest in the business aspect. Coming into my somewhat “village elder years”, I hope to bridge the gap between generations, in hopes of breaking the stigma and showing others it's okay to get high, while possibly showing them how. My passion for cannabis and writing covers; strain reviews, vapes, dabs, shatter, social media coverage of events, new products, patient advocacy, innovations and the business of cannabis.

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