Video: Jordan Peterson Had Another Weepy Meltdown During A Paid Appearance And, Yup. He’s Crying Again

May 6, 2022

“Weepy Peterson”  @Thebadstats is a great follow.

He’s mad/sad because he’s a crazy, benzo popping, born-again Christian who can’t stand by as kids are taught ethics instead of Christian morals.

He followed his cry session up by insinuating God is the only ultimate good despite saying that’s not what he’s saying even though that’s what he’s saying.

Jordan is mad that we are evolving from squirrel-brained colonial Christianity.

Christians like Jordo hide their insane apologetics behind fancy words and worldly book learning.  When they crack, the crazy starts to seep through the tears, pulling the curtain back on what they believe, and Jordan believes in fairy tales that don’t make any sense.  Evangelical extremism isn’t sustainable, and his brain is just starting to figure that out.

He’s all chaos now, and I give it six months before he has to ‘take a break.’


Dean Blundell

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