VIDEO: Just Enjoy TFC’s Last Four Games & Imagine How Good They’ll Be Next Season

Sep 10, 2022

Any way you try to rationalize it, Toronto FC’s playoff hopes died at BMO last Sunday. After going up 2-0 on Montreal, TFC collapsed, and so did their final push for the playoffs.

Was it disappointing? Yes. Was I frustrated? Yes. Do I hold out hope that Toronto FC can still make the playoffs? Nope. Are you sick of the questions?

There’s no denying how unbelievably maddening last week’s game was. Goaltender Alex Bono took most of the blame and deserved much of it. However, You can’t just blame Bono for last week’s collapse. The defending was atrocious, and the midfield play had moments of weakness.

There’s no reason to continue harping on last Sunday’s game. It is what it is. It’s all about the future in Toronto. It’s waiting to see what they do in the offseason and how they address the roster. For the next four games, I’m just going to sit back and imagine what this team will look like this time next season.

Checkout my full vlog below where I give my full take on TFC’s 2022 season, and what they need to do this offseason to be ready for 2023. 

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