Video: Kaiir Elam wanted the Bills playbook on the plane the second he got drafted

May 5, 2022

When the Buffalo Bills first traded up in the first round of the NFL Draft, I thought it was a little bit of a reach to select Kaiir Elam. However, after seeing some pre and post-Draft videos, I am absolutely behind this move.

As a New England Patriots fan this kind of attitude tickles me. I’m not even going to lie, I’m extremely jealous of the Buffalo Bills, and I can’t believe that Bill Belichick traded down and didn’t select Elam. His PFF grade of 87.2 in coverage since 2019 was impressive enough, but you have to love Elam’s work ethic. Sometimes the difference between a good player and a great player is their preparation, and I’m just super impressed with Elam. I’m hoping to revisit this piece in three or four years’ and see how well the preparation paid off for his career.

Clearly this comment is from a Bills fan, but can you really argue with him? How do you prepare to face a secondary that has Elam, Tre White, Jordan Poyer, and Micah Hyde. You add in the fact that they have a pass rush that’s going to make it even more difficult for quarterbacks, beating Buffalo seems improbable. Add in the fact that the Bills offense is going to score a ton of points, and teams will more than likely be playing from behind and become one dimensional, beating Buffalo seems impossible.

I don’t want to turn a piece about Buffalo’s rookie cornerback into a me drooling over the Bilsl offense, but I used this Tweet to enforce my point. I’ve already made it clear more than one time that Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL. But, when you break it all down, how do you stop this Bills offense. Think back to both the Wildcard and divisional rounds where the Bills just continued to score. Now imagine adding a defense that isn’t going to let the opponent score? 

I’m not a Bills fan, but it’s impossible not to at the very least respect this Bills team. I love the Elam pick for Buffalo. It feels like he’ll be as successful as he wants to be.  

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