Video: Kelly Anne Wolf Begging Justin Bieber To Join The Anti-Vax Movement With His Paralyzed Face Is Some Serious Padded Room Shit

Jun 12, 2022

Prediction: In the next 6-12 months, a few vital anti-vax influencers like Kelly Anne Wolfe Farkas (Chris Sky, Artur Pawlowski, etc.) will be in jail or institutionalized.

Kelly Anne took to social media to manically BEG Justin Bieber to admit his facial paralysis from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (caused by the shingles/chickenpox virus) was a vaccine injury instead, like she knows him personally.

You know, crazy person shit.


A) Kelly Anne Wolfe is diagnosing Justin Bieber because she thinks world-class doctors who tend to Justin Bieber got his medical diagnosis wrong. Good thing she doesn’t have a high school degree.

B) Kelly Anne Wolfe is fucked out of her mind on something, here

C) Kelly Anne Wolfe is well-known in the victim class as a compulsive liar. We get emails from people who know/knew her, and to say she struggles with the truth is kind.

D) People like Kelly Anne aren’t in it for religious reasons. She and her former Lover, Pat King (imagine the sex smell in THAT Motel 6 hotel room), are finally someone to anyone. Those “anyone” is other dummies, but that doesn’t matter when being someone with an audience is all you wanted out of life and never got it.

This might sound shocking, but Justin Bieber didn’t respond to Kelly Anne.

Because Justin Bieber is recovering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome.  Not a vaccine injury. Vaccine injuries don’t show up a year after you get vaccinated. btw.  Anyone who says otherwise is a lying bag of shit, like Kelly Anne Wolfe.


*I hope she gets help. This jackwagon has a kid.



Dean Blundell

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