Video: Lauren Bobert Totally Jacked Her New Boyfriend Off In A Colorado Theater And There’s Video!

Sep 15, 2023

Everyone is dancing around it, but born-again Evangelical Christian Rep. Lauren Boebert had her hands on her new boyfriend’s hammer while he played ‘Tune in Tokyo” on her bongos. And the video is MAGIC.

Relax. Most of us have been there before…

Who hasn’t been all hands in a dark theater with their new boy/girlfriend? What Evangelical born-again politician who campaigns on family values HASN’T jerked their boyfriend off in the middle of an off-Broadway play playing to a packed house? What self-respecting woman HASN’T let their boyfriend focus her fun bags in front of thousands of people enjoying a performance of Beetlejuice?

Initially, Bobert said she was asked to leave because she was vaping and cheering too loud. CCTV clips also show Lauren jerking off this unnamed sidepiece while he played with her boobs. Theater officials said Lauren was moved because she was engaging in “lewd behavior AND being disruptive.” The video clearly shows the latter is accurate, and Luren Bobert likes to get her fuck on in public, and I don’t have a single problem with it other than the religious hypocrisy.

I’ve said it for years: Religious folks are sexual freaks. A lifetime of sexual oppression does that. Lauren is a healthy young adult who loves dick—big deal. Most people wait til they get home, but Lauren can’t because she’s sexually free and ready to jerk guys off who buy her a ticket to a shitty play.






Dean Blundell

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