Video: Lightning Fan Gets Knocked Into Next Week By A Rangers Fan After New York Drops It’s Third Straight Playoff Game

Jun 10, 2022

Start spreading the news…I’m leaving today, if you wear a Bolts jersey in MSG you will get your face caved in, on the subway!!!!

I think those are the lyrics to New York, New York by Frank Sinatra but I could be wrong.

Jesus Christ though, my dude literally got his face rearranged for talking shit on his was out of MSG after a dominant win by the Tampa Bay Lightning over the New York Rangers.

I have no sympathy for the idiot in the Bolts jersey. Talk shit, get hit.

Understand your surroundings. You are in New York, where sports is religion. If you have the sack to wear the opposing team’s jersey into the opposing team’s barn and if your team also wins get the fuck out as fast as you can. Don’t talk shit with a beer in your hand or else you WILL get slapped.

I chalk this video up to being like the orangutang video Dean posted earlier in the week. If you are going to taunt a monkey in a cage don’t be surprised when he bites your ass. The same goes for sports fans.

Someone tell this guy the Lightning threepeated when he wakes up in a month.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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