Video: Man, The Video Of The Arizona Zoo Jaguar Attack Is Classic!

Mar 11, 2019

You climbed an enclosure, put yourself in the Jaguars habitat and you are meat.  Pretty simple to understand and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she was hurt badly enough to learn from it.  BTW, the yellow you see in that fucking AWESOME Jaguar claw mark? Fat.  Just letting you know in case you thought she was made of bean & bacon soup.

The Jaguar has the same look on his face Michael Jordan did when he hit his 6th trey in a row against the Portland in the 92 finals.

michael jordan shrug GIF

Like “I can’t explain it and it doesn’t make me bad but it’s literally what I was fucking born to do. so, sorry/not sorry?”

My good friend Ricky Gervais (he liked one of my tweets this weekend so that’s, that) would call this woman a ‘Silly C&%t.’  I’d say luck never favors the stupid but remember this.  99.8 percent of all Animal attacks in secure enclosures are the fault of stupid humans.

This might have been my fav response to my assertion it was this hippie girls fault.

Tweets like these are responsible for 100 percent of all the hate on social media.  Someone who didn’t read the post (she’s alive, and fine) posts shit like this and BOOM!  Dean’s making fun of the dead.

No.  Just the stupid.  And she’s totally acting btw.  I’ve heard those noises before.  All lies.

…here’s the gervais like.  nbd.



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