Video: Man With A Death Wish Fake Proposes To His GF With A Ring Pop At Jays Game And She Slaps The Shit Out Of Him And Pours A Drink On His Head

Oct 3, 2022

Oh nooooooooo, why would you do that. If you can’t see, he fully proposes to this beautiful women with a ring pop. Let me take you through the moment in pictures.

He gets on one knee. She is over the moon.

The camera for the entire arena is rolling.

He whips out the ring pop and the ladies to the left know he fucked up.

He must have some sort of a death wish or hate having sex. I don’t want to paint all women with the same brush but a lot of women dream about the day they get proposed to and the wedding to follow. Imagine stealing that moment away in a public setting. My dude is lucky he just got the shit slapped out of him and a drink thrown at him. I was sure she was going to follow up with a little knee to the crotch.

Part of me says this was a prank and this guy is a huge piece of shit. The other part of me says maybe the ring pop is all he could afford and this was a gesture to hopefully buy her a nice diamond down the line. If the ladder is the case this girl is the piece of shit.

But listen, I know dudes, and a morbid sense of humour. This looks exactly like a kind of joke I would make. However I would do it in my house or on a walk, not at a Jays game in front of thousands of people. Not to mention the camera guy for the stadium was behind them so I hope that it was on the jumbotron.

In any case, what an epic and horrible joke. I think it safe to say this relationship is over. Men are a different breed. Sorry ladies.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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