Video – Manny Machado Likely To Sign With The Yanks And The Blue Jays Remain Eerily Quiet

Shug McSween Dec 20, 2018

Source: The Yankees seem to have been impressed with Manny Machado.

New York reportedly met with the star free agent at Yankee Stadium for about an hour and a half Wednesday. The team left that visit “enamored with” Machado and “believe he’s a perfect fit,” according to a report from USA Today.

Machado’s “first choice” is to sign with the Yankees if they meet his asking price, The Athletic’s Jim Bowden reported last week. New York, however, had not been interested in offering him a $300 million deal, according to an earlier report fromFancred Sports’ Jon Heyman.

Machado is also reportedly considering joining the White Sox and the Phillies.

The 26-year-old infielder, who was sent from the Orioles to the Dodgers before the trade deadline, registered a .297/.367/.538 slash line in 162 total games in 2018. He also hit 37 home runs and tallied 107 RBIs.

When Dean’s favourite player, Didi Gregorius suffered a tear in his UCL that required the world famous Tommy John Surgery, it was no secret the Yanks circled Manny Machado as their guy.

26, power, average, glove, and hustle. Ok, the last point isn’t true at all, but it’s sounding more and more like both sides were impressed, and a deal could be done very soon.

If you ask Marcus Stroman, it’s already done:

It’s weird when Stroman ‘likes’ tweets about people shitting on the Blue Jays, seems a recipe to get shipped out of town:

Machado will visit the city of brotherly love today, but the feeling is he’s just going through the motions now.

This offseason hovers around where Machado and Bryce Harper will end up, and for all those rumours about possibly landing on the same team, zero chance. Their two personalities would clash to the fullest and arguments would ensue on a regular basis about running out the ball.

Regardless of where Machado signs, the Blue Jays have a new spring training facility and a 3-year plan.

Suck it, Yanks.

For the record:

Who wants this on their team?

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