Video: Marc Andre Fleury May Have Cost Mike Babcock His Job

Nov 20, 2019

Granted, Marc Andre isn’t responsible for the 5 losses in a row and Mike’s indomitable, insufferable need to assert his game plan despite the reality of what’s in front of him doesn’t help.

But Jesus Christ, what a save by Fleury.

Fleury may have done the Leafs a favor.  It’s not a matter of if’ Babs gets fired, it’s a matter of when.  American thanksgiving seems to be the drop-dead date for a coaching change according to people we’ve spoken with.  And here’s something, what if Mike isn’t as good a coach as he was made out to be when he arrived on a golden unicorn 5 years ago.
Every year ends with player/fan frustration and hockey minds beating the same ‘Mike needs to change his coaching style’ drum.
Every year Mike flies to Arizona to apologize to Matthews
Unlike every year, this team is fucked before Christmas and there isn’t a Leaf fan alive that wouldn’t welcome a change behind the bench in an attempt to salvage a playoff run.

If you have Babcock getting canned before Friday on your ‘Fire Babs Bingo Board’ you could be a BIG winner.

Someone tell Sheldon Keefe to pack his shit and prep to move it down the street.
It’s time.

(dramatic ending)

Dean Blundell

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