Video: Massive Crash Shows Just How Tough F1 Cars Are

James Walker Mar 16, 2019
Fernando Alonso Crash in Melbourne

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, rejoice! Formula 1 is back!

The first race of the season kicks off in Melbourne tonight at 1.10 am. Will Ferrari finally bring the fight to Mercedes? Will Daniel Ricciardo’s shock move to Renault pay off? How many times will Lance Stroll stuff it into a wall this season? We’ll see!

This video shows how badly things can go south at 200 mph and just how strong these cars are. Fernando Alonso’s attempt at an overtake on the start/finish straight goes horribly wrong and he goes into the wall before rolling many, many times. The Spaniard got lucky with the way the car rolled, shedding its kinetic energy over time rather than all at once, but you still can’t help but be impressed that the car doesn’t completely disintegrate. The fact that he walked away unhurt is a testament to how safe these cars have become.

Hopefully nothing like this happens tonight!

EDIT: The crash happened going into turn three, not on the start/finish straight as stated above. Thanks Max! 

James Walker

James Walker is a freelance writer with a passion for four-wheeled things and twisty roads.

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